About Us

Christian Miller™ is a brand created by Fashion Designer Christian Miller in 2015. Our main focus is to portray and maintain a commitment to the original 90’s streetwear fashion era, while implementing technology, and the ever changing flow of fashion of the present, and future . Christian Miller™ launched it’s initial website in 2017 with it’s first collection selling out immediately leaving our first print in the fashion industry. Christian Miller™ hosted Pop-up locations throughout the Los Angeles and Las Vegas area, advertised mainly through word of mouth by loyal followers. This created a highly anticipated iconic fashion line. In 2019 Christian Miller remastered his design approach, to add exclusive fashion treatments such as glow in the dark inks and 14K Gold. The subtle but noticeable treatment changes garnered the attention of several professional athletes and mainstream music artists, who commissioned Christian Miller to create exclusive designs for their personal collections. We hope to bring confidence and joy to all those who are fortunate enough to own one or multiple of fashion designer Christian Miller’s exclusive and highly limited pieces of the Christian Miller™ line.

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